long distance lovers communicating

Spread the love around with Excelsior CarsSpread the love around with Excelsior Cars

long distance lovers communicating

With lockdown restrictions continuing to ease, and with two households able to meet indoors from 17th May, those of us in long distance relationships will be chomping at the bit to see each other; possibly for the first time in months. 

Lockdown was a tough time for long distance relationships. Whether you were in a relationship when the pandemic struck, or you found love online during the height of lockdown, making the long journey to see your other half can still be a daunting – and often expensive – prospect, particularly when you’re having to rely on public transport. 

Instead, why not try a long-distance taxi journey with Excelsior Cars? 

Taxis are expensive though, right?

We hear this a lot, especially related to long-distance travel, but in reality, a journey with Excelsior Cars often works out more time-effective and better value for money than the equivalent public transport journey. Travelling with Excelsior Cars can be a lot quicker too, leaving you more precious hours to spend with the one you love. 

In one example, a customer in a long-distance relationship (let’s call him John) booked with us instead of taking his usual journey that entailed two short taxi journeys and a long train ride. By booking with us, John shaved a whopping three hours off his journey, and the price difference? Just £7! After forming a bubble with his partner’s household, John now uses Excelsior Cars every week! 

Where can Excelsior Cars take me?

Based in the Midlands, we can pick you up and take you to your significant other, wherever in the country they might be – we can also pick you up and bring you home again. If you’re visiting for a few hours, our driver can even wait nearby to bring you home, so when the time comes there’s no waiting at a train platform or a deserted taxi rank in the rain.

How do you do it?

Thanks to our online fare calculator which employs a 12-mile minimum, we are able to keep our prices at a competitive level that often proves cheaper than some of the larger taxi and private hire companies. The fare calculator can give you an instant quote, so it’s always worth checking before you book! 

What’s more. All of our drivers are packing hand sanitiser and masks to help combat the spread of COVID-19. 

Be like John, and give us a try!