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Planning a long journey? Excelsior Cars goes the extra mile Planning a long journey? Excelsior Cars goes the extra mile 

An image of the open road

As lockdown restrictions begin to tighten again, planning a long journey within the UK is sure to cause concern for a great deal of people. The idea of a public transport system still bustling with school children and commuters who aren’t able to work from home is a daunting thought for some. However the prospect of going back to a few months ago when only bare-bones services were running is even worse. 

Private hire taxi firms have stepped in to fill the void, but for some people their local taxi firm or online service is proving too expensive to be practical once the miles start to rack up. However you slice it, long-distance travel within the UK is a risky and expensive endeavour right now. 

Or is it?

Always competitive, even on long-distance journeys

If you need to make a long distance journey within the UK, let Excelsior Cars take care of you. 

We specialise in long-distance travel and throughout 2020 we have provided invaluable long-distance services that keep people connected. 

Servicing Birmingham, The Midlands and the wider UK, we have offered transfers to every UK airport, delivered much-needed goods and most importantly, we have carried passengers around the country to maintain social bubbles and look after the vulnerable. We’re proud to help our beloved Midlands and we’ve earned numerous awards across the Sandwell and Birmingham area for our customer service. 

How do we do it?

We use a 12-mile minimum to ensure we stay competitive. In other words, we are often better value for money than larger private-hire firms! What’s more, we are often more competitive for long distance journeys than the rail networks, especially as we don’t penalise customers for booking at the last minute. Just think – you could travel in style, comfort and solitude (apart from your driver of course) for less than the cost of a train ticket. 

Planning a journey? The best way to make sure you’ve got the best price is to visit our online fare calculator, where you can get a price in seconds! Check it out here:

We go the extra mile in the fight against COVID-19 too. Our professional team of drivers are equipped with masks and hand sanitiser for all our passengers, meaning you can relax knowing you are in a safe environment with no nasty surprises! 

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