Supporting Solicitors and Insurance Companies in Delivering First-Rate Transport SolutionsSupporting Solicitors and Insurance Companies in Delivering First-Rate Transport Solutions

Even in the best of times, being involved in a road traffic collision can be extremely distressing, often leaving a claimant with physical and even psychological scars. Combine this with the sudden loss of access to much-needed transport and now the ever-present threat of Covid-19, and you have a situation that potentially causes great strain to a claimants’ mental and physical well-being. 

In the context of a traumatic event, losing the use of a vehicle, even temporarily, can feel like losing a limb – so wouldn’t it be great if someone could provide easily accessible transport that restores their freedom without them having to shoulder the financial burden?

How Can Excelsior Cars Help?

Excelsior Cars is proud to announce that we are now accepting bookings from insurance and injury firms to help you take care of your customers. Over the last few months, we have assisted solicitors firms by transporting their claimants to medical appointments, therapy sessions, courtesy car providers and more. 

As an insurance agent or injury solicitor, taking care of customers who have found themselves in a position of injury or vulnerability is of the utmost importance. At Excelsior Cars, our team is specially selected for their professional, courteous and empathetic approach, and our own customers have attested to this, giving our team a 5-star rating on Google with over 250 reviews and counting! 

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Too often, solicitors and insurance firms will rely on any local taxi service to deliver transport, which often leads to delayed bookings, last-minute cancellations and worst of all, drivers that fail to realise or empathise with a customers’ circumstances. At Excelsior we work with you to understand your customers needs, to ensure their journey with us is as simple and stress-free as possible.

Based in the West Midlands, we can collect and drop off your customers anywhere in the county area. From Rugeley to Redditch, Walsall to Wychbold – we cover it all! 

How Does it Work?

To get started, simply contact us to make a booking and notify us of any special requirements your customer might have. Once you’ve booked, we’ll handle it and contact the customer directly to confirm the details. We’re super flexible too – if your customer needs to reschedule, make an additional journey or even request some extra leg room, we are happy to accommodate.

We can even provide comprehensive invoices to allow you to keep track of your booking in relation to specific claims. We’ll make the process as simple as possible, leaving you to focus on the important stuff.

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