This image shows a busy motorway

What Makes Excelsior Cars Special?What Makes Excelsior Cars Special?

This image shows a busy motorway

Booking a taxi should be a simple and painless process, but surprisingly a lot of taxi and private hire companies rely on their drivers to make the good impression and forget that customer service is an all-encompassing journey. 

 At Excelsior Cars we understand that great customer service should begin right from the outset, especially in these uncertain and trying times. As an Excelsior Cars customer, we want you to feel valued and looked after even before you’ve hit that all-important “book” button, and our customers agree – just look at our reviews! 

So how do we do it?

There are a lot of tools and methods we have adopted over time to make our customers feel special. Some of them we won’t share (the walls have ears, you know) but we will tell you about our favourite – our very own fare calculator! 

Our online fare calculator is arguably our most powerful customer service tool, designed to give you the best value for money no matter what the nature of your journey might be. 

How Does it Work?

When you visit the first thing you will see is our fare calculator. You can use this handy little tool to book a journey with us or have a play with the quote function and see how we compare to your usual taxi company! 

Simply input your destination to get started. You can also add as many pick-up and drop-off points as you need using our “add via” funcion. By using this you can decide the route of your journey – it’s the booking system that puts you in the driving seat! 

Next, choose what kind of car you need – for all you business travellers out there we have executive premium vehicles which, when combined with our courteous, professional drivers, allow you to travel in comfort and arrive in style! Got an important meeting coming up? Excelsior Cars can help you make an entrance! 

We have other types of vehicles available too – from standard family cars for those everyday journeys to an 8-seat minibus for those of you who want to travel and take your bubble with you! No matter which vehicle you choose, your driver will come armed with facemasks and hand sanitizer, so you can feel completely safe as you ride with us! 

What Next?

Once you have made your booking, you will receive an email confirming your journey. The good news is that we can take payment in advance up to three days before the journey, so you can relax knowing that everything is taken care of. For all you business travellers, you’ll also receive a receipt email clearly explaining the nature and price of your journey. 

What Do Our Customers Think?

Our customers love our fare calculator – it’s what keeps our prices so competitive! For most journeys we use a 12-mile minimum to ensure that every journey with us is as affordable as it is comfortable. Comparatively, we have been known to work out cheaper than our larger competitors and the public rail networks, so you’ll never know the best deal until you check us out! Our fare calculator can give you a quote in a manner of seconds! 

Go on – give our fare calculator a spin, book a journey and find out why we’re a 5* rated business on Google with over 250 positive reviews!