Thank You NHS – 10% off our Taxi Service!Thank You NHS – 10% off our Taxi Service!

Since the pandemic reached our shores, the NHS has reminded us time and again why it is the pride of our nation. Without recounting too many of the gory details from 2020, we saw our frontline NHS workers battle against the worst of conditions, often risking their lives and isolating themselves from their families for the noble cause of keeping the rest of us alive. 

As a nation we clapped for them, raised money for them and made any appropriate effort to thank them for their hard work and sacrifice, and at Excelsior, it’s our turn to show our gratitude. NHS workers all deserve a huge pay rise when this is over, but since this is sadly beyond our control, we’re doing what we can to help.

From now throughout 2021, NHS workers can get a 10% discount when they book a journey with us using code NHS10. Our drivers carry masks and hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of Covid-19, so we can provide you with a safe, comfortable journey where you can relax. We can also take payment three days before the journey, so if you’re booking for someone else or if you just want to relax knowing that everything is taken care of, we can accommodate you.

To find out how much your journey will cost, use our simple taxi fare calculator to get your price in seconds. You can also check out our reviews here

Why Choose Excelsior Cars?

Our team are based across the West Midlands and our fast growing fleet of drivers covers Birmingham, Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall, Wolverhampton and more.

Take a look at some of the reasons to choose us below:

  • Reliable taxi service with friendly and professional drivers
  • Masks and hand sanitiser provided to all customers to protect against Covid-19
  • Our airport taxi services save our customers time and money. With the ever-rising prices of train tickets, or if you are travelling yourself, airport parking combined with fuel costs, our service often works out more cost effectively.
  • We have a 12-mile minimum on taxi journeys to help keep our prices as competitive as possible.
  • Range of vehicles including executive travel and 8-seater minibus. If travelling with children, we can provide baby, child and booster seats.
  • You have the peace of mind that your driver will be waiting for you in the agreed location at the agreed time.

NHS workers – You’ve looked after us, now let us look after you!